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Corporate social responsibility

Mutual & Federal’s CSI programme focuses on activities that compliment our business operations within the short-term insurance industry, while simultaneously aligning with the company’s own transformation objectives and addressing the needs of many underdeveloped communities.

Investments are particularly focused on initiatives relating to secondary education (especially mathematics and science) and agricultural socio-economic development in order to make a sustainable difference in the lives of beneficiaries.  

Education initiative

Mutual & Federal is currently involved in a number of CSI initiatives focusing on the development of educational programmes within selected communities.  These include:  

Winning teams

Baseline testing has established that certain pupils in disadvantaged schools cover as little as 20% of their Maths and Science syllabus during Grades 10 and 11. The pass rate in these schools is as low as 2% for these subjects. Research shows that where important sections are skipped in a subject, whatever follows is unlikely to be understood unless the deficit is made up (no matter how diligent the learner is in grade 12). Winning Teams prepares disadvantaged students for matric through out-of-hours catching up. 

Mutual & Federal  has supported  a Winning Teams Grade 12 revision programme in Maths and Science in one of the hardest education fulcrums of the country – the 100 poorest performing schools in the Capricorn district of Limpopo province for the past 3 years, and seen significant improvements in the results.

ITHUBA skills transfer project, Western Cape

The ITHUBA skills transfer project is a collaboration between Mutual & Federal and the auto industry training body STi and has since drawn widespread support from other industry players. 

The first such artisan training joint-venture between a major insurer and an autobody repair franchise group, the programme offers the potential to transform the lives of unemployed youth and revitalise disadvantaged communities by means of fostering skills development. The initial programme concentrated on spray painting, later evolving to include panel-beating. 

The training is provided by the First Car Care College with support from Mutual & Federal.

The President’s Award for Youth Empowerment

One of the focus areas of the The President’s Award (in association with the Duke of Edinburgh International Award) is Correctional Centres where programmes are run to rehabilitate offenders and to deter vulnerable youth from entering the justice system, and Mutal & Federal has supported these programmes for a number of years.

Agricultural socio-economic development

Mutual & Federal Agri has a proud history of working within our communities to promote and develop agricultural sustainability.  Current initiatives include:

Tswelopele Farming Project, Magaliesberg, Gauteng 

Mutual & Federal has supported the establishment of a new community farming project at Bekker School, near Magaliesberg, Gauteng Province. The project generates employment and the development of self-sustaining farming enterprises, benefiting 55 households, or approximately 250 people, to grow vegetables and rear poultry, the excess of which can be sold to the school and wider community.

Dipping Tanks

Mutual & Federal assists emerging farmers in rural areas with livestock handling and dipping infrastructure to help them give appropriate primary animal health care to their livestock.

Staff Volunteerism

The Nakelela Staff Volunteerism programme was launched in 2013 to achieve the appropriate focus on mobilising and energising staff to become CSI Champions in support of the company’s outreach programmes.


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