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Q. What do I do if I get an error message "Login failed" or "Your password is locked"?

A. You need to reset your password. Click the "Forgot Your Password" button on the left hand side of the login page, enter your user name in uppercase letters and click Submit. The system will email a new one time password to you. Please login with the temporary password and then set a permanent password.

You have to complete 3 fields:-

  • Old Password - This is the temporary password received in the email.
  • Password - Enter your new password. The password must be between 8 and 15 characters long and must contain at least one uppercase letter, at least one lowercase letter and at least one number.
  • Confirm Password - Recapture the new password.
  • Click Submit once. Double clicking the Submit button will generate the error message "Authentication Failed".
  • The system will generate a confirmation message confirming that your password has
    been reset.

If the new password and the confirm password do not match, you will get an error message saying Authentication Failed. Enter the password and confirm password again and Submit.



Q. What do I do if I get an error message "This ID number already exists in our database. Please press "Display Client Info" button to view client details or please contact the call center on 0860 22 55 63 for assistance."?

A. Click on the button “Display Client Info”. The Personal Information tab opens. Capture any missing information and rectify any incorrect data. Click on the Contact / Postal Details tab. Capture any missing information and rectify any incorrect data. Click on the Risk Address tab. Either add a new risk address or click on an existing address to check and amend the data. Click the Save Risk Address button. Click the Save button. Click the Create Quote button to start the new quote.

Q. How do I unlock a policy?

A. If the status of the policy or quote is "incomplete", that means that you are locked to the policy. Logging off mf online does not unlock you from the policy/quote. You must either complete your transaction or cancel your transaction to unlock yourself from policy or quote. Open the policy or quote. Click Update, enter a short description and click update again. You can then continue working on the quote or policy and Submit or you can cancel the transaction.

Points to remember :

  • The system will not allow users to cancel a transaction if you have updated the risk address details.
  • Users are only able to backdate a transaction by 14 days. If the effective date is older than 14 days, you can change it to a more recent date to allow you to complete the Update process and cancel the transaction.
  • When a transaction is cancelled, all completed work in that transaction will be reversed. If, for example, you are busy on a new quote, cancelling the transaction will delete the entire quote.

Q. Why am I getting this error? It is not allowed to have a start date beyond debit end date + 1.\Section is 060\Debit end date is 31.05.2009,\Start date is 01.06.2013?

A.  TThis error displays when you work on a cancelled section. It is not possible to reinstate a cancelled section or add new items to a cancelled section. You must add a new section and item(s) by using the Quote on Existing Policy function and immediately convert the quote to policy.

Q. How do I reinstate an expired quote?

A.  You can't reinstate a quote that has expired. You must create a new quote. This does not mean that you must create a new client record. The client record has already been created and cannot be duplicated. Click on the clients ID number and then click on the button Create Quote.

Q. Why can't I cancel a transaction?

A.  If you make any changes to the risk address details, you will not be able to cancel your transaction. This forces you to accept the transaction which allows the system to re-calculate premiums based on the changes that have been made. If you try to cancel the transaction you will get a warning message “Cannot cancel transaction”.

This rule was implemented to reduce the occurrence of premium queries due to perceived premium calculation errors.

The risk address and the occupancy and security options have an effect on the premium calculation formula. Cancelling a transaction reverses changes made to the policy but does not reverse changes made to client or risk address details. If a transaction is cancelled, the changes made to the risk address don’t get pulled through to the policy and the premiums aren’t re-calculated. This becomes a problem when the next transaction is done because the system now invokes the new rating parameters from the risk address change and adds it to the change you are currently making. This has the effect of making the new premium appear to be incorrect.

Q. Why can't I search for a suburb or a make or model of a vehicle?

A.  If you click on the Search button and the search window doesn't open, this is most likely because pop-up blockers are switched on. Pop-up blockers must be turned off when using M & F web systems. To switch off the pop-up blocker on the Internet Explorer web browser, click Tools, Pop-up blocker, Turn off pop-up blocker. If you are using another web browser, you need to find the pop-up blocker settings and turn it off. If you have installed any toolbars on your web browser such as a Google or Yahoo toolbar, they also have pop-up blockers which must be turned off. Once the pop up blockers have been switched off, the search window will open. Please note that Updates to browser software can change pop-up blocker settings without you being aware that it has happened.

Q. What must I do when I get the error message "clause free text field incomplete"?

A. This error message is most commonly displayed when the name of the alarm security company captured on the risk address does not automatically pull through to the Burglar Alarm Warranty Clause on the Householders section. This error isn't limited to the Burglar Alarm Warranty Clause and does sometimes display on other sections and clauses. This can easily be fixed by updating the missing information on the clause. To do this, display the section and click on the Clauses button at the bottom of the page. Click on the clause name to open the clause. In the case of the Burglar Alarm Warranty Clause, type the name of the security company in the Text box. Click the Save button. You can now continue with the transaction.

Q. How do I capture the marital status and/or occupation of the usual driver of a vehicle?

A. If the Relationship to Insured of the Usual Driver is “Self” and the marital status and/or occupation fields are blank, click on the New/Edit button next to the risk address. This will open the client information screens. Click on the Personal Details Tab. Capture the marital status and/or occupation of the Insured from the drop down lists and click Save. You will be returned to the Drivers Details tab. To refresh the fields that you have just updated, change the usual driver to “Other” then change it back to “Self” again. If the Relationship to Insured of the Usual Driver is other than “Self”, you can update the marital status and occupation fields on the Drivers Details tab.

Q. What must I do to resolve EID errors?

A. An example of a full EID error message is “A system error occurred: EID-8e7cs98”. The error message itself isn’t very meaningful unless IT look it up in the log files. However, experience shows us that EID errors are mostly displayed because of missing data in mandatory fields. The most common place where this occurs is on the motor item where the marital status and/or the occupation fields are blank. It can also display when the value of an accessory is blank. When valid data is populated into the field, the error is resolved. Please be aware that if you get an EID error message when working on an item, the problem is not necessarily on that section or item. If you can’t find what is causing the error, please call online support on 0860 63 24 47 for assistance.















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