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BPM Requirements

Guideline to Convert Different Document Types to PDF

Mutual & Federal has standardized on supported document types and maximum document sizes in order to improve document management.

Document Types that will be accepted into the BPM system:
  • .TIFF (Images)
  • .JPG (Pictures)
  • .DOC (MS WORD)
  • .PDF (Adobe)
  • .TXT (Text)
  • .HTML (Web)
  • .WMA (Windows Media Audio)
  • .WMV (Windows Media Video)
  • .RTF (Rich Text Format)

The maximum document size that will be accepted into the BPM system is 3.5 MB and a maximum of 3 MB for images (e.g. jpeg).
In order to reduce the size of documents as well as to convert unsupported document types to supported document types, Mutual & Federal has made a free tool available that will allow the conversion of most windows application documents to PDF format. The tool is called PDFCreator.
If you do not have PDFCreator, download the AFPL license version here.
Note: Please make use of the AFPL license version.
Once the PDF utility has been downloaded and installed on your pc all you have to do is the following:
Complete your document in whatever program you require as you normally would do.
Print the document to the PDFCreator printer on your PC. This process will not result in the document physically printing but an electronic version will be created.
3. Complete the data on the screen provided below and click 'SAVE'.
4. Select a location to save the document on your PC, and click 'SAVE' again.
A process will run on your computer to convert the document to PDF and then open the document in the Adobe viewer.
Note: This guideline assumes that you already have the Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your PC. 

Once this has been completed, you can now send your new saved PDF.
Please note that in order to view the converted documents in the PDF format, the Adobe Reader needs to be installed on your PC.  If you do not have Adobe Reader, download it here.


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