How to claim

How to claim with Mutual & Federal allsure

At Mutual & Federal, we believe that you should always have a positive claims experience. We aim for a speedy turnaround time and want the process to be as easy and stress-free for you as possible.  

If you need to register a claim, you can do so by any of the following means: 

  • Print and complete your claim form and return it to us by email.

  • Call us directly on 0860 22 55 63 and a consultant will guide you through the process.

  • You can also submit a claim by contacting your broker directly.   

Fast Track your claim
 - Fast Track Claiming involves contacting Mutual & Federal immediately  by telephone. Often the immediate authorisation of repairs or replacements can be done using one of Mutual & Federal's approved suppliers and repairers whose work carries a Mutual & Federal guarantee

A fast track claim can be lodged: 

  • If the total value of the claim is less than R10 000

  • If there are no third parties involved

  • If no police investigation is required.


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